Friday, June 20, 2008

we made it...

Today is officially the first day of summer! Can I get a THANK YOU LORD from the choir? Even if the temperature still doesn't reflect it- no, 75 degrees is not hot- I am thrilled beyond words. According to my horoscope, things are supossed to be looking up for at least the next week. I'm hoping that will include at least a fifteen to twenty degree rise in the temperature. That way, I can a)show off the results of all this freaking excercising I've been doing all winter and b) justify all the money I've spent on cute summer dresses. Cause lord knows, we love to blow the budget ona cute dress.

Yesterday morning, I went to my little cousins's graduation from middle school. Words cannot express how disorienting the experience was to me. Last time I checked, these little boys were wearing diapers and getting their butts beat on a regular basis. Now they're wearing suits and talking about 'oh that's my ex-girlfriend'. Your ex-girlfriend? It was just too much. I am so not mentally prepared to have kids and let them grow up... ever.

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