Wednesday, June 11, 2008

the orangutan thinks she's hot...

So I basically got off of the plane from Miami and jumped on another to Los Angeles. I spent last weekend hanging out with my girl Carla under the guise of attending my very dear friend Roz's retirement party and attending a work related meeting.
The main reason I like hanging out with Mz. Talley is that she is so damn fun (hence, why spending a day at the San Diego Zoo was at the top of our to-do list). I swear that girl wakes up with a freaking smile on her face. Which says a lot considering homegirl gets up at like 5.30am to excercise before going to work. Whenever I'm with her, it's all good. And that is totally in line with my new and improved outlook on life- positive, optimistic and open to my blessings. No more negativity, I'm on a mission to only attract great things into my life.
SO if you happen to know any great SINGLE men, now is the probably the time to make that introduction happen... I'm just saying.

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