Tuesday, June 24, 2008

trying to get my life together...

I love working for myself. I really do. The whole random napping when I want, picking my own projects, rushing out to a last minute sample sale, lunch dates whenever I feel like it, freedom of being my own boss is not lost on me. How-some-ever, there are some negatives: the non-existent 401K, hustling like your rent money depends on it (cause it really does), lack of consistent socialization (talking to Drama only counts half the time), the living room doubling as my office, etc have definitely kept me up a night or two. But the biggest downside of being self-employed is that it really requires a ton of discipline and self-motivation. And for the record, I have very little to none of either. Which is not a good thing.
I swear, despite the fact that I religiously wake up at 8.30am every morning. I never seem to accomplish half of the items on my to-do-list. Sigh. And I must admit, it's extremely depressing. Hence the weekly therapy session (read: co-pay bill).

But rather than stay in a funk (as Elsa like to call my signature fussy mood swings), I've decided to be proactive. Remember the new life mantra: I am positive, optimistic and open to all my blessings.

And as of this morning-drum roll, please- I've created a new and improved workday schedule!!! Yes sir, my day will be broken down into planned out hour and half long segments from the moment I open my eyes until the point where I unplug the phone (gotta deter myself from stay up late and talking on the phone like I'm in high school). I promise, this time, I'm sticking to it... well, at least for the next two weeks. Why 2 weeks? Because allegedly that's how long it takes for a habit to form. And from there it should be smooth sailing. Or so I think.

Oh and, if you have any suggestions on ways to improve my time management skills, now is the time to chime in, thanks!

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  1. Draft a weekly promise sheet (I created one using Excel) and include a consequence for each time you don't keep that goal

    And always plan a brilliant day! My life coach suggested it and it works! I can't say that I keep my promises everyday though!

    And, I love your blog!

    Kobe..tell me how my ass taste! LOL