Friday, June 20, 2008

jilly from philly was really cool...

I wrote a story on Jill Scott for Metro newspaper. It ran today but since I have yet to leave my house, I doubt I'll obtain get a hard copy. Oh well.
Gotta admit, I didn't have any expectations when I got the assignment (except the check). But I'm pleased to say, I really liked Ms. Scott. As I told my girl Lisa, it's nice to know that whenever we manage to get famous we'll be able to remain good people as well. Ha!
Check me out:

I know this is all late but am I the only one who thinks Lil' Wayne is marginally talented and extremely annoying? So his album sold a million in the first week- what else was there for people to buy and let's not forget, southerners are always very loyal to their artists. Initially, I was jsut going to keep my opinion to myself- that whole positive, optimistic and open to my blessings philosopohy thing I'm trying. But when I hear critics predicting that this may go down as one of the greatest rap albums of all times... Oh hell-to-the-naw! That drug addicted fool can barely conjugate a verb and like my favorite morning show host, Miss Jones so eloquently said, it ain't nothing but a bunch nursery school rhymes. I am so sick of hip-hop.


  1. I mean, I'm with you in saying this is not the best rapper ever, and this shouldn't be thought of as one of the best albums ever...Kanye is a much better artist. I'll give Wayne credit though; he is clever...the punchlines are clever; but that's it. I'm not a fan...I rather be seeing sounds.

  2. I gotta give it to the young money milli-on-aire. We're in a recession. 1MM in the first week is "majah" (like how I switched from Weezy to Mrs. Beckham? No? OK.). Plus, who buys albums these days? This is like the music industry's stimulus check. I'm just saying ... LOL.

  3. No. You're not alone. He tends to have his moments on a lot of his mixtape tracks, but overall he's inconsistent. That's a drug addict for you. His flow is kind of irritating, too. That whiny voice he does: He sounds like Gargamel from The Smurfs. Hella annoying. But, "A Milli," is hot, so is "I Feel Like Dying." Too bad he didn't put the latter on the album. He played it way too safe on The Carter III.

    Nice interview, by the way.

  4. Congrats on the jill scott article. missed that one but i saw another article you did in the metro this past friday with 3.6.Mafia. they are a hot mess....and you are so right about wayne. ain't nothing worse than a dope fiend who thinks he cools and has other folks hyping him do you feel about ms. jones getting the boot? don't think the LA show will last here in NYC