Thursday, May 6, 2010

when you see me w the ugly dude...

About a week or so ago, the patron saint of skanky chicks Courtney Love announced on Letterman that back in the day she frequently boned Gwen Stephanie's fine ass husband Gavin Rossendale. Not really newsworthy except for the implication that Gavin was definitely dating Gwen when these alleged liaisons popped off.

*gags violently*

But honestly, aside from this being a mental picture that most of us would've easily lived our entire lives without, its not THAT big of a deal... Dirty chicks get around.


But what I do find interesting are C-Love's more recent comments about the glorious life of her va-jay-jay. Apparently the in a interview for FUSE, the self-proclaimed sex goddess credits her prowess in between the sheet to her jacked up grill. READ: she's good a good lay because she's got a face her mamma doesn't even love.


You know, I've often heard my male friends discussing the pros and cons of keeping an ugly chick on stash for this very reason. Back in the day, they called it the paper Bag Theory- its a better lay as long as you don't look at the face. *don't judge us*

But I have to say, I didn't really believe most of them. I always figured women went hard when 1) she liked the person she was having sex with and 2) the dude made it worth the effort. And if they're so called 'pretty' girlfriend was a lazy lay it was because she was, well.... you do the math.

But maybe I was wrong. What do you think? Are "ugly" chicks (and dudes) swinging from chandeliers to distract from their appearance? Cause if so...

*adds homely right below STD-free on the list of qualities I'm looking for in a summer jump-off*

I'm just saying.


  1. Now you know you don't even like to look at ugly people in the street, so who you kidding? Not me! And PS. I can't with pole this week. I'm not even voting. Both get a big Hell No.

  2. I have to say one of my best partners ever was ugly as sin. They used to say he looked like the rat from Ninja Turtles... But his bed game was on pointtttttt...

  3. And now that i think about it, one of the finest men I have been with was absolutely awffulll in the sack... Probably TMI, but you do the math... lol

  4. OK, you know you're tripping right?

    But seriously, there aren't that many really "hit with an ugly stick" people in the world in the same way that there aren't that many drop-dead fine-ass people; it's a bell curve so stick with the middle and you'll be allright.

    I will, however, put in a vote for geeks. They may rate as funny-looking, or plain, for the most part. But because they peaked in adulthood and not in high school, they make up for their perceived lack of social skills with some good bedroom stuff. My two best lovers were definitely of the black Bill Gates variety: kinda goofy-looking, perhaps gangly and asocial, brilliant as sin, and so attentive in bed it would make you want to scream. Literally. And I screamed. A lot. They did it all, and really well. Perhaps they studied va-jay-jay online. Whatever. They both aced the Ph. D. course.

    Give it a try and report back with results.