Tuesday, May 11, 2010

makes me wonder what darryl strawberry is doin...

Clearly, fun times with the BFFs over the weekend distracted me from all the craziness going on in the celeb world. So forgive me if this topic is old news to you. I'm currently processing. *kanye shrug*

Lawrence Taylor got arrested?? For paying for sex with a child? SMH.

All them years playing in the league, your induction to the Hall of Fame, the inspiring recovery from drug addiction and even that recent appearance on DWTS, and THIS RIGHT HERE is how you going out? Arrested for prostitution charges involving a MINOR? I. Can't.

Granted, according to the article I read this morning, the 16 year-old prostitute admits lying about her age. But still, I'm still giving your old ass a serious side-eye for having sex with any woman who 1) looks like a damn teenager and 2) clearly just had her ass beat by a pimp.

Honestly, I don't know if this need to pay for intercourse with a woman less than half your age is an ego thing ('cause you don't want to admit that you can no longer bag young cuties) or pride ('cause a hooker can't complain when your D-game is wack).


Either way, I'mma need you to want more for your legacy than the random chick holding impromptu press conferences outside her uncle's apartment in the Bronx talking about, "The condom got stuck in me,"and "I told him, 'I'd better not get pregnant."



  1. my thing is...she arrived to your hotel room badly beaten...an alarm bell didn't ring in your head? And She said she was 19 but look young as hell...ima need you to pretend that you've been a celeb for 20+ years and CARD A BITCH! I mean, how long have you been in the game? How much do you have to lose? 16years old? really? I've SEEN musicians carding bitches...you deserve everything that comes your way JACKASS!
    that's all.

  2. Amazing that his long standing track record of drug and alcohol abuse, affairs, multiple arrests and sexual deviance doesn't come into play in the press.
    Lawrence Taylor's legacy has been in shithole for years. The only thing new about this is that he gets to add PEDOPHILE to his list.
    The only amazing thing here is that he stays finding women wack enough to marry his old, tired ass.