Tuesday, May 25, 2010

spit goes both ways...

So I just read the article in the NYT about the 51 bus drivers taking an average of THREE months paid leave after being SPIT on by an angry rider in 2009. And wait on it, in the past year, 80 drivers have already reported being spit on at some point by an angry rider.


There are so many things wrong with that statement it's hard for me to get started.

*Inhales deep, deep calming breath*

First of all, who SPITS on people? I don't know if this became some sort of fad after the craziness of that dirty white girl hocking a fat ball of phlegm at fellow contestant 'New York' during season one of VH1's Flavor of Love but I'll tell you what.... This ain't no damn reality TV. You can get AIDS, swine flu and all kinds of foolishness from contact with the wrong person's saliva. Spitting on someone is beyond nasty, it's life threatening.

If I was the bus driver, I would've taken that as a straight up attempt of my life, and wilded the hellout. Forget taking days off a work, I'm johnny-on-the-spot. I'm gonna do my damndest to shove that 'ish right back down your throat. I'm just saying, don't try me.


But on the other hand, unless that saliva started to burn the flesh off your body- there's NO GOOD REASON anyone should require 3 months or in the case of one man, 191 days paid leave to recover from a spitting incident. Nope, not at all. You're a New Yorker goddammit. Man up and pull yourself together.At the most take a couple of days, get all your blood tests done, relax your nerves and get back at it.

Cause in case you hadn't heard, there's already a freaking MTA budget shortfall to the tune of $400 million dollars.

Blank Stare W/ 3 Looooong Blinks.

Bottom line: I fell your pain. But if you're that damn scarred, you need to go drive a taxi or snow truck or something. But for God's sake, don't bilk my already paying-through-the-nose, single-with-no-kids taxpaying self. Please and thanks.

*kanye shrug*

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  1. But wait. It gets WORSE(R)!