Monday, May 24, 2010

self-esteem on extra, extra low...

So err-um a yeah, about Venus's outfit at the French Open... How can I put this nicely? No way, no ma'am, not even on a dare.


Although strategically, I can see how it worked to her advantage. Cause honestly, who in their right mind is not going to be completely thrown off when her tall lanky self pranced unto the court in some super sale lingerie? And then the first time the wind blew and it seemed as if she was completely naked underneath? GAME OVER. If I was that poor girl, I'd need more than a minute to get my mind behind some mess like that.

And while I'm all for doing what you have to do to get the win, at the end of the day it still grossed me out. Aside from the fact that I absolutely hate black and red as a lingerie color combo, the entire outfit just looks inappropriate. You weren't home playing a random game of pick-up in our pjs with your homegirl. This was one of the biggest tournaments of the season.

You can't tell me that she's not starting to resent how much of a media darling Serena has suddenly become now that she's dating Common. And I get it. It's gotta be miserable being the sibling that genetics fairies forgot to drop a lil booty on. So you decide to do something to get folks' tongues wagging about you too. But still, this is nuts.

Um hello. Venus Williams you're the #2 ranked tennis player in the world and THIS is what you wanna do? Uh-uh.

Survey says LAME.


  1. I know I am not feeling it either.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  2. Why do you care what Venus wears and how does this affect your life? Listen to your mom and go get a real job.

  3. Dear Anonymous- If you're going to be (unduly) critical, have the courtesy and balls to share your name. This is an opinion blog about many random things. Read something that suits your interests and keep it moving please.