Tuesday, May 4, 2010

everyday a star is born...

Okay, today's post is courtesy of my homie G-Payton. Who bless his little heart, keeps my inbox full of the tomfoolery. For those who have had the pleasure of viewing the 'Yes Dance' video (an earlier GP jewel), you already know. So please do not ask me where, how or WHY he found this particular video. But please be clear- my mouth remains WIDE OPEN.

It's just so... I'm feel so... I mean, are these dudes straight? Even if they're not hetero, as grown men, how do you even coordinate something like this???

Wait, wait, I know! It probably went a little something like this:

Boy 1: "Yo, I got a dope idea."
Boy 2: "What, what's up?"
Boy 1: "Let's strip down to our shorts and baseball caps and then gyrate for the camera."
*There's a moment of silence. and then...
Boy 3: "Yoooo, that's hot son! That is so hot!"
Boy 1: "And hold up, hold up- we can even have solos and shit..."
Boy 3:"Word! I'm down!"
*Everyone gets hype and starts jumping around the dorm-sized living room. Except for...
Boy 4: "I don't know ya'll... Cause I'm still working on physique for bikini season."
Boy 5: Okay, well you hold the camera. Just make sure you zoom in close on me when it my turn for the solo..."
Boy 6: Whatever my dude, just be sure you hold the camera steady when I get to dropping it like it's hot."
Boy 2: "True, true."
Boy 4: "Trust me my dudes, I'mma make ya'll famous!"
*Grabs the camera, cues the music and voila!



  1. Ummm are these FOOLS for real?! I mean homeboy in the gray has BLOODFLOW in his junk---really my dude? Is this what black men have come to? (Aside from boxers being outterwear) this is where i continue encouraging black women to date outside the race cuz...it ain't getting any better out here.
    -mini me

  2. I couldn't even watch the whole thing. I'm so embarrassed for my people.

  3. Caryn Reed-HendonMay 11, 2010 at 10:44 AM

    Where is the old-skool Grandmama Madea type that comes up in there swinging a switch?? Cause that right there deserves an ass whooping!