Monday, May 17, 2010

this is gonna take more than a visit from Obama...

So yeah, about that ridiculous City of Detroit SWAT team debacle that left the innocent 7 year-old girl, Aiyana Jones dead is beyond my comprehension this morning. The End.

This is the type of unnecessary tragedy that makes me physically ill. Like, I want to get back in the bad and stage a do-over on my entire life. Cause it makes it makes absolutely no sense. How can anyone honestly believe that this is the land of the free when clearly our most vulnerable citizens are clearly living under siege??

To read that her father was face down in his own daughter's blood breaks my heart while the actual culprit was in another part of the building?? ??And then blame the grandmother for this unconscionable decision to shoot into a smoky room where you KNOW there are children??


And, not for nothing, what the HELL kind of incompetent people are certified for the lead position a SWAT team, but can't subdue an elderly woman without shooting her? Huh? *insert serious side-eye*

I'm just curious.. Where they do that at?


  1. The main problem starts with this.....there was a suspect in the house that apparently killed a 17 year old last week. That is who the police were trying to get and they did get him. So, there are a lot of errors in this story and unfortunately, not all of the dirty laundry has been aired.

  2. Agreed, the suspect may have BEEN in the apartment. But he was in another part of the building when the police kicked-in the door. So their info was faulty and old. READ: this was a completely unnecessary tragedy.

  3. My fault, I meant errors in the media reporting it. The dude allegedly killed (shot) someone last week, so the police had reason to believe he was armed and dangerous. Realistically, the police had the right to enter the home if they had a warrant, their issue is going to be the events that transpired after they entered. But hell, they apprehended him, so they were on point in terms of their information, regardless of what part of the house he was in. This is truly an unfortunate situation, although sad to have to say, I believe the family should have some accountability for harboring the suspect as well.
    What I don't understand is why the family has already hired a high profile attorney and have not even buried the child yet. Seems to me like their concern is financial gain, since this is the latest news in this case. So sick of hearing about these senseless killings in Detroit and Chicago. Most importantly, children have no place in the middle.


  4. That was a horrible thing to wake up and hear this morning as my tv is on the news before I turn to sportscenter.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate