Thursday, May 20, 2010

practice does not make perfect...

Hmmm, there's an rather long post up on The Daily Beast that provides 15 Ways to Predict Divorce. Normally, I tend to gloss over these kind of lists. Not because I don't think there's any merit, there's always something new to learn; but quite honestly, I'm not even close to getting married. I hardly need to waste energy on reasons said imaginary union might wind up in Splitsville. You know what I'm saying?

But there was one interesting fact that caught my attention:

If you're a female serial cohabiter—a woman who has lived with more than one partner before your first marriage—then you're 40 percent more likely to get divorced than women who have never done so.


So what do you think it is? Are women too quick to move in with the person they're currently dating? And therefore, become overly comfortable packing it up when the slightest 'ish hits the fan? Or is it just that women who have never lived & left just don't know when to call it quits?

I for one, am remain very on the fence about the idea of co-habitation before an engagement. Not that I see anything wrong with it for other people. But after all these years, I know Mitzi. And I really, really like having a significant amount of personal space. So to have to share a living space 24/7... Whew. Let's just say, not only will I need to love that man to death but there are def going to be those moments when I'm going to need a good TANGIBLE reason not to call U-Haul. And real talk? An engagement is prob the best answer for that. *kanye shrug*

But bigger than all the girl issues- isn't it weird that there were no statistics offered for those men have lived with more than one partner? Cause I certainly know more than my fair share of those....



  1. While I'm surprised by that statistic, I'm still 50/50 on the living together thing. I guess it's up to the individual couple. My wife and I did it before we were even engaged; but I believe that, deep down, we knew we were gonna get married. Stats like those require follow up questions, especially "What was your reasoning for moving in/out?" Sometimes I believe we view marriage like "the next step of dating", so we become very casual about ending it. If we viewed marriage like it was intended to be: permanent, then we might work a little harder when the rent gets raised. Nah-meen?

    That's just my three cents...


  2. I only think co-habitation as a way of getting to know what your Fiance, hint Fiance is like before marriage. And this co-hab shouldn't take place till you are closer to your wedding date and you are sure that you are committed. I don't think that being boyfriend/girlfriend is good enough for living together.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  3. I think those results are based on the fact that those who oppose premarital cohabitation are less likely to believe in divorce, so it's not the act of living together that results in divorce, it's one's attitude about divorce in general.