Tuesday, March 10, 2009

remember the food stamp...

Oh weee! You know the recession is real when the rich folks start to get nervous. Mmm-hmmm...

Ain't nothing more telling than billionaire investor Warren Buffet on CNBC talkin' bout, "the economy fell off a cliff." Oh yeah? And this is new to you? Wow, must be nice to be so insulated...

But the good news is my people, we are built for this. Yes sir.

Because unlike the pinktoes who are just now trying to figure out the value of a discount and what it means to cut corners, me nd my mine been nigga-rigging the hook-up for years. And everbody and they mama knows how to make a dollar outta fifteen cents. Word up.

1-800-Stay Focused!


  1. Yeah, some things are just genetic. Like whenever a blackout occurs, people of color are never AS fazed....b/c the lights have been off at some point in time before.