Friday, March 13, 2009

its my two cents...

On the forreal, forreal, undearneath all the sarcasm and side-eye, I'm a total romantic at heart. Like, I want to be wined, dined, swept off my feet, fall head-over-heels in love and spend the rest of my life acting a fool over how good my man is to me.

Now then, in my quest to find the man that makes all the above and then some happen, I've come to accept (begrudgingly) that I might actually have to look outside of the island of Manhatttan. And I'm not even talking Hobeoken, NJ here. What if you finally meet 'The One' and he/she lives in oh I don't know, let's say.... Japan? Mmm-hmmm, Konichiwa bitches!

If the individual said, " I love you. Come be with me. Don't worry, I got you." Could you just pack it up, kiss the 'rents and bounce, WITHOUT a job in place??

I'm not gonna say great minds think alike BUT I'm definately rolling with the 69% who answered the poll question with a resounding 'ain't no way.' As much as I love the idea of loving you, my nerves are too bad for all that believe in the dream nonsense... especially during this so-called recession (cause we're no longer claiming it). I'm so not about to be left trying to piece my life back together this late in the game because I pressed pause on my financial independance when I joined your squad. Oh hell naw, it's too real in field. And I dont wanna have to call my cousin to come kick your ass cause negroes wanna play those "you can only take what you came" with games." Uh-uh no thank you.

As for the 30% who are down for whatever and willing to move without a second thought, I don't know what to say... On one hand, I applaud you for the faith and courage to still believe in happily ever after despite the dismal dating realities our generation faces. But please believe, I'm already rolling my eyes in anticipation of the day I receive the "Mitzi puh-lease come get me, this fool is trippin'" call. Yeah, I said it. Cause I don't care if dude (or the female) is ballin' outta control, at some point he's gonna trip and mention the fact that he's carrying you. And if you're any friend of mine, it will pop off. And then what?

Granted, I'm not saying that I won't eventually get my ducks in a row and come... I'm a true believer that when the right person comes around, it only makes sense to go hard. But I ain't going no harder than my pockets will allow. Forreal, forreal.


  1. how in the world did i miss this poll?

  2. I TOTALLY misedd this poll...(teardops..) But I think I'm kinda torn with this one. I am soooo waiting for that dude to come sweep me off my feet, BUT i know I'd get restless and begin to search for a life I left behind. Great question!