Tuesday, March 17, 2009

i'd rather cut off cable...

So apparently the sale of sex toys is down in France.

Accordimg to the Reuters (cause no, I don't make this foolishness up) "at 'Big Eropolis,' an erotic fair that opened on Friday near Paris and bills itself as the biggest of its kind in the world, attendance was healthy but stall owners said customers were not spending as much as in previous years. " So basically what you're telling me is that nowadays people can only afford to buy one Mandigo sized dildo as opposed to the dido, body paint, handcuffs, vibrating ring and so on?

It's offical, times are hard my people.


  1. clearly....and it's a cryin' shame..

  2. It's sad but how many vibrating apparatuses do you need? My limit is three...:)