Wednesday, March 11, 2009

off to see the little mermaid...

So after much ado, Shayla and Sklylar Ann Marie (a.k.a Sam) arrived for Sam's first 'Big Girl' trip to New York. YIPPIE!!! I am thrilled beyond belief to have the BFF around.

But for the record, as much as I love, love, love me some Sam; I am sososo clear that everybody (specifically yours truly) ain't able. Who knew so many questions can be asked in the span on of day? Damn that, one minute? Sam's energy level is unbelieveable. She's like a non-stop Energizer bunny- going, going, and still going. For the record, hell hath no fury like a four year-old without her midday nap.

What is most amazing to me is how calm Shayla is about everything. Oh, you fell down? No problem, just get up. Oh, you want to be carried up and down steps? Up you go. Oh, you want to scream/ whisper the same secret 30 times in my ear? Feel free. I promise you she was calmer than a Jedi Master- unforreal.

And to think that crazy woman has 14 children and 0 help??? Sheeeit. Good luck.


  1. My 4yr old is the same way, she doesn't give her mouth or my ear a break,the joys of motherhood.