Friday, March 20, 2009

just be sure to wrap it up...

Some time ago, I posted the poll question: Have you ever suspected that a friend's boyfriend might like boys too?

And while a precious 44% claim to have never noticed, don't you know 55% of you said unfortunately yes?!?!?! Good grief. How heartbreaking is that? And you know a percentage like that only begs the question, should you say something? Humph, lemme tell you something...

I think the most important rule to being a good friend is knowing when to speak and when to mind ya bidness. Yeah, and I meant it just the way you read it: 1-800-Mind Ya Damn Bidness!

Serious bodily harm or cold, hard, I-caught-that-fa la la ing-fool-on-my-camera-phone withstanding, my personal motto is: If you like it, I love it. If you love it, I adore it. Especially when it comes to matters of the heart, I don't care how tight we are I'm so not the one to get involved... Why?

Certainly not because I don't care about you. Because I honestly do. I love all of the women in my select circle of friends. And more than anything, I want each and everyone to win. In fact, I want everyone I know to get exactly what they want in life. Now if that includes a good for nothing partner who's embarassing the shit outta you- so be it.

Listen- If you wanna front like you don't know he's playing a role every time he opens his glossy lips, me either. If you wanna pretend that you don't see him rolling his neck and sucking his teeth harder then our whole crew, I'm the black Helen Keller. If you wanna act like you don't understand that those couple of years he spent upstate figuring out what he wanted out of life was really inside of a prison getting bent over by Big Bob, I'll turn off the reruns of Oz when you guys come over. If you choose to ignore the extra hard "url" everytime he says, 'Guuuurrrl please.' So be it. I keep earplugs in my purse at all times anyway.

Cause when the shit hits the fan, ain't nobody blaming Mitzi for breaking up their happy home. Believe that.


  1. LMAO ....snap and two turns ....V

  2. well O-K then! But I feel you though

  3. Nah, not me.

    My best friend's "friend" looked gay as hell. I told her, repeatedly.

    I love her too much for some ignant ish to go down. If she gets mad at me, that's too bad. Even if she never spoke to me again, I could die happy knowing I did my part to protect her when I thought something shady was going down.

    That's what friends are for, to give you an objective opinion when you're too close to a situation sometimes to think clearly.