Monday, March 2, 2009

party over here...

Can I tell you? I love me some snow. Okay wait, let me be a tad more specific- I do not love cold weather, dirty slush, treacherous driving conditions, or the stink in the subways that inevitably accompany a snowstorm BUT I do love me some winterwonderland-esque snow days. Sigh.

And guess what? This blissful day right here is THAT much better because super dope journalist/editor Juleyka Lantigua (if you don't know the byline you better get to googling), included me in her latest Republica Update blog post "Afro-Latinas to Celebrate During Black History Month"!!!

Yes maam, I'm all up on there with Rosario Dawson, Gina Torres and even Rita Marley. Mmm-hmm, betcha didn't know good ole Rita was Cuban, did ya?

Take notes and feel free to spread the good news...