Friday, March 13, 2009

negroes and flies...

Between preparing for, hosting and recovering from the BFF and baby's visit, I've been a tad out the loop. Which is the reason, I'm just now getting around to reading the story about the recently released text messages that stoopid ass Kwame Kilpatrick sent out on his government issued cell phone. And to be quite honest, we might all cringe at the arrogance of his behavior but on the low, low...

What you know about Kwame killin' them hoes PROPER?

According to the court documents, there were 682 pages of text messages sent! Um excuse me, who got time to send that many damn text messages? Am I the only one who wants to know when the hell was this man ever WORKING??

Beyond the ridiculous number of texts, how 'bout what they actually said? In one breath he tells Christine Beatty ('ole girl that's still locked up behind this mess, while his ass was released early) that she is the "wind beneath my wings." But like three exchanges later, he wants her "to talk to me while I do you. Tell me to lick faster, softer, higher, lower, etc." Okay, perhaps I'm a little slow, but how you go from quoting Bette Midler to talkin nasty??

Then wait on it... 10 messages later, he's telling the 2nd sidechick, Natasha Dooley that "my dick needs to be sucked. It's been a while." Oh yeah? Is that so Mayor Kilpatrick?

Granted, while all the above foolishness is popping off, the First Lady a.k.a Ms. I-Will-Beat A-Hoe's-Butt-in-the-Mayoral -Office-If-I-Catch-U-Screwing-My-Husband inquires about the status of her Navigator. Jesus haf mercy.

Tyler Perry come get the script to your next straight to DVD movie!

Sidenote: Apparently, Kwame is now suing SkyTel for releasing the text messages. Umm-hmm... Talking about he wants $100 million for the violation of his privacy and constitutional rights. I swear I couldn't make this up if I wanted to...


  1. Do we really need any help from 'THE MAN' as long as we have each other?'

    I'm not cringing, I'm praying! Praying that when my brother gets his degree, that my mamma refinanced our house to pay for, MAYOR KILPATRICK is forgotten.