Tuesday, March 3, 2009

like chewing foil....

Soooooo, did ANYONE enjoy the premiere of Harlem Heights last night? Anyone, anyone, anyone? No seriously. Cause I swear 'fore God, that was nothing short of a complete waste of 52 minutes in my life. And the fact that I stayed up well past the 9.30p bootcamp bedtime makes it just THAT much more upsetting...

Granted, I am VERY proud of my fellow FAMU alum Randolph Stiurrup, who co-created and executive produced the project. I know it was a very long road and I certainly hope to see many additional projects from my fellow Rattler. But let's keep it all the way real...

Was that not the slowest paced reality show like EVER? The whole thing felt like water torture. I mean, exactly how these kids are supossed to be part of the same crew when they clearly don't know and/ or hate each other??? Cause there's stretching the truth and then there's straight up lying. And the birthday party with 15 people in Covo's big empty room. I can't...

Not for nothing, each time Landon swirled his little neck around all I could think was, 'is this fool high? Or gay? Or both?' Mmm-hmm. Note to the big chick from down south who fell out when Obama won... will you please settle down and stop being the bull in a china shop? You ain't scurred of nobody- we get it. Next. Pierre and Christian as Harlem's sexy 'it' boys? Yawn. Oh and good Jesus, if BET doesn't hire better writers for back-stabbing ass Bridget's voiceovers I gonna have to duct tape her mouth closed.

Honestly, the only characters worth watching are: 1)corner boy turned wanna-be community activist Jason (that is as long as his mouth was closed.... As soon as he speaks my nerves get bad. I want you to conjugate some verbs every once in a while, okay honey?) and 2) desperately clinging to my 15 minutes of fame Brook (esp the scene where she was trying on clothes in the N Boutique. How you gonna be the shit talking flychick while you're wearing the blatantly mismatched drawers??)

Although I did love the janky KFC ad. Why? Cause that pretty much summed the entire show up- straight tomfoolery.


  1. yeah it was awful

    i'm sticking with baldwin hills

  2. i knew bridget from college, she was as annoying then as she is portrayed on the show

  3. Yay FAMU! I think the show is completely tolerable as a 30 min program. I don't think they intend for it to be a comedy, but all the girls clown makeup AND the voiceovers lends itself to that. Like Coco Chanel said, "take 1 thing off". Take 3 things out of your makeup bag RIGHT NOW! And what about that Montgomery cameo?! That is a true Harlem personality. More Harlem personality cameos please. I would like to see more authentic setups w/ real Harlem folks in the background, like shooting at Popeyes on 125th or 135th, or Harlem Juice Bar, or 17 Below. Can they go grocery shopping at C Town or Associated and complain to management about the yellow chicken that JUST got put out?

  4. it was pretty wack. i watched the first 5 minutes and couldn't take anymore. i don't know if it's sadder for me or for HH that Ray J's foolishness stole my attention. i guess it's all good for Viacom...

  5. Oh damn- i wanted it to be good--- Oh well at least i can free up some space on my DVR

  6. i didn't see it. won't be watching it. ever.

  7. Seriously it was the worst!! I mean is this the best portrayal of young, black, "professionals" they could come up with? And who's suppose to really believe this is reality TV with June Ambrose as the costume designer, like seriously, a costume designer. PLEASE!! And how much more longer before the milking of the whole Kanye's EX thing gets tired and old?? WHO CARES!!! UGH, give me Baldwin Hills anyday over this crap.