Monday, August 24, 2009

you say anorexia, I say sample size

If this pissy summer weather has been good for absolutely nothing else, it's def helped me step up my reality TV game.  Not only have I successful killed several viable brain cells watching  all the episodes of 16 and Pregnant but then there was yesterday afternoon's six-hour Bridezilla marathon. Mmm-hmmm, ain't no shame in my rainy day Sunday sofa game. But NOW, the time has finally come for the mother of all mind numbing TV- the premiere of The Rachel Zoe Project!!! 


For the record, I know it makes no sense for me to be this excited about another woman.  But I swear I can't help myself.  I LOVE that evil, egotistical, emaciated, bitchy white woman. 

And quite honestly,  it nothing to do with her supposed fashion sense (which I sometimes question).  In fact, I would prefer if the producers didn't show her dressing a celeb for the entire season.  I simply want to watch her lose her shit week after week over absolutely NOTHING of consequence.  'Cause quite candidly?  Her level of superficiality is a unique gift from above. You can't pay to be this self-centered.

Oh and let us not forget Tyler (her envious, mean-hearted lead assistant who so clearly would be a serial killer if so wasn't Rachel's indentured slave) and Brad (the most crocodile tear crying, opportunistic gay man on cable TV). Truth be told, the cat fights between the two of them deserves it's own spin-off. Its too much. 

Jesus be a full-length mink in the dead of August.

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  1. Thank God! Another woman, of a certain age, who loves mindless TV. My drugs of choice are: The Hills, The City (really, any white teenage MTV mess) Bridezilla, Real Housewives and anything else that is completely removed from real life as I know it.