Friday, August 28, 2009

lowest common denominator...

Okay- so in the pure, unadulterated tomfoolery of the day:  the unnamed Tunisian woman who earlier this week claimed to be pregnant with twelve kids via IVF has been exposed as a fraud. And surprise, surprise, suddenly homegirl and her aiding and abetting husband have gone into hiding. Whatever.

I know everyone wants to famous/ special and important but who-in-the-worthless-excuse-for-a-life hell lies about being pregnant with 12 kids? No ma'am, this type of foolishness is a perfect example of  what happens when folks start talking just to hear the sound of their voices.  

Jesus be the overbooked looney bin.


  1. hey girl...that link to my blog on your list is allllll off chile...goes no where.

  2. Mitzi - Thanks for this post, Today I needed a laugh and you never ever disappoint. Jesus has a big looney bin. I think it's Children,Gentiles, Saints, and plain -ole fools that he takes on... a lot of them need him . He knows!.