Tuesday, August 4, 2009

money makes all the difference...

I'm so excited about the two days straight of sunshine, I don't know what to do with myself! Oh wait, yes the hell I do.  

I need to earn a living and also find the time to run some overdue errands- take the car to get new brake pads (call me crazy but something about that grinding noise every time I stop seems a little ominous), finish the laundry and retrieve my cell phone from my mom's house.  

Sometimes this whole being a grown-up is waaay boring, no?

Theoretically, I could just sell my multi-million dollar ranch, move around the world to India, become a transsexual named Elizabeth and live in a community of eunuchs and transgenders.  Oh wait, John Jeffords, a primary member of the old money, blueblood family that owned the legendary racehorse, Man 'O War already beat me to it. And apparently he wants to tell the whole world about it on an upcoming ABC special: 'Primetime: Outsiders' which airs on August 25th.  

Sigh, rich kids have all the fun.   

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  1. Okay please tell me how you end up running across stuff like this?!?! I can always count on you to give me a "my life isn't that jacked up" moment when I come to your blog!