Monday, August 17, 2009

making the booty smile...

So at the top of the month GAP finally rolled out their new line of premium women's jeans- GAP 1969. Which for those non-fashion folks is apparently a very big deal in the clothing world because it's the first time like, EVER that the company has changed the design pattern of the jeans... (feel free to insert blank stare with 3 blinks).  

Now truth be told, had it not been for the cute little monthly freebie situation, this info probably wouldn't have garnered more than an "uh-huh, that's nice" comment from the kid. But since a sample in just my size showed up at the door, I figured it couldn't hurt to try the thing on. You know for kicks and giggles...

Well lo and behold don't you know, the damn things actually fit!! GASP!  

Yes, as in, the skinny jeans will slide up your thighs, over the booty and cinch close without leaving that angry red 'yes, I know better but I still want them' mark under the belly button. Added bonus for those with height issues: the various lengths are on point; sparing us the additional$15 hem fee (shut it up in peanut gallery, pls). Can you say praise the affordable priced clothing God????

But wait on it, just to ensure that the recession wasn't clouding my fashion sense ('cause the $69.99 price tag def makes a bitch side-eye all the $200 pairs hanging in the closet), I bribed a few of my girls with chips, chaser and a free eco-friendly Born To Fit tote to spend this Sat night testing some of the samples too. And survey says...  I'm not crazy, the Born To Fit campaign is officially a go. 

There's more than enough spandex in the skinny and real straight style  to work for every size and shape (and please believe my crew proudly runs the 0-12 range). The weight of the jean is definitely legit (cause who doesn't HATE thin, flimsy jean material). The various color washes are cute enough to wear to the club (LOVE the dark distressed look) or every day (you can never wrong with true indigo). And most importantly the back pockets made every one's booty POP.  Which is all a girl ever asks for, right? 


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