Wednesday, August 19, 2009

f stands for forever

It's not necessarily a slow news day but it's definitely a slow Mitzi day. Sigh. So instead of combing my favorite sources for the tomfoolery, I'll reach back in the crates and grab an old poll question. 

Ah, here's a good one:
If your significant other cheated on you with your BFF, who would you forgive first?
60% said the BFF 
40% said the significant other 

Now for the record, when I wrote "forgive," what I had really meant is 'who would you stop feeling the urge to slap box in the street every time you laid eyes on them first?'' Cause there's no way in HELL, anyone in their right minds is continuing a relationship with either one of those two folks again in LIFE (thankfully, a good cussing does not equal speaking).

Hmmm... you know, after praying on it, I think I'm rolling with the minority on this one. It would be way easier for me to forgive the significant other than the BFF. And no, not because I'm 'one of those predicable females who constantly blames the woman- cause I don't.  It's actually the opposite. 

I simply expect more from my friends.

Granted, I'm disappointed when a guy hurts my feelings or lets me down. As in, a complete fall out.  But let it be someone I consider a close friend... Shoot,  I'm damn near DEVASTATED.  I may know a lot of people but there are very few that I consider to be my friends.  And BFFs? Well that count ends with about 4 fingers. So the idea that one of those women or even one of the women in my immediate circle of friends would shank me like that?? No sir, I . Can't.

I had an ex-who as much of a waste of the precious two years of my life that he was- had this great saying: there are some things that you have to be willing to take it to the mat for. My friends? Without a doubt. 

A dude? Eh. Not so much... I'm certainly sad to see you go but better now than when we're years in the game. And more importantly, I truly believe that karma is a bee-yatch.  So here's wishing you and all the peg-leg, big-head, retarded kids you're gonna have well. 

I'm just saying.


  1. "So here's wishing you and all the peg-leg, big-head, retarded kids you're gonna have well." That line just made my sunshiney day sunshinier. Yup, sunshinier.

  2. To hell with both and if they had any good sense they would stay FAR away from me -- hopefully avoiding any situation that would test my closeness to the most high.

  3. I wouldn't forgive either one. I'm just not that evolved I guess. I'm sick just thinking about it and I don't even have a man!

    1. Forgiveness is everything. You are not perfect and neither are they...

  4. I'd need someone to lay (holy) hands on me cause I just wouldn't be able to believe it, much less forgive it.

  5. Ok..I just read this today and it had me ROLLING. Mitzi you are too damn funny!!!!