Tuesday, August 4, 2009

you may have been a moon but to me she's the star...

Yo, what ever happened to Kelly Price? I was listening to the the radio yesterday afternoon and the remix to 'Friend of Mine', that song she recorded with Mr. Big and the 'R' came on. I was like damn... that big girl could BLOW! And not for nothing, how hilarious was Ron Isley with the nonstop call and response throughout the song?

My God, I miss good music.


  1. PREACH! where oh where has all the good mucis gone?

  2. If by good you mean, depressing then I'm with you. Listening to Kelly Price's music is like talking to a friend that one ups you. For example, if you say, Kelly my boss doesn't respect me. Kelly says Girl my man just cheated on me with my cousin and I'm pregnant. Or something equally depressing that makes you feel a little better about your boss issue.