Monday, August 17, 2009

sharing the free...

There are few things in the world better than good friends and free stuff.  

So in the spirit of bringing the two together, MITZIMOMENTS will award the first reader to respond in the comment section with the name of the my neighbor's bad ass chihuahua that I've mentioned/ contemplated tossing out a window several times in the past (most notably for constantly peeing on my doormat) with one GAP gift certificate good for a new pair of premium jeans and your very own eco-friendly Born to Fit tote.  

Don't say I ain't never do anything for ya'll! 


  1. RUBY....she's a bad mutha...

  2. dang...always a day late and a dolla short...

  3. Awww, man! ----pouting with my hands on my hips. Hips that, incidentally, are not wearing hot, fabulous, gap jeans--- :(

  4. Hey girl,

    First time visiting your site. Don't know the dog's name, however, I have a rat terrier that I'd also like to toss out the car onto the freeway for the same reason!! Love her dearly, but that peeing stuff...maaann!

    Ever since my grandson was born (now 10 months old), she's been acting up big time. So, I handed her over to my 17 year old son. This has helped a lot!