Friday, August 7, 2009

automatic trip to the ER...

Okay, for the record I'm all for teenagers using intimate dance moves to express their sexuality. Call me liberal but all means, get on the dance floor and grind it out all night if that'll knock off the edge (read: keep the unplanned pregnancy rate down). HOWSOMEVA, there is a LIMITATION to the stupidity. And this recent dancehall craze called daggerin'... well, this is where mama gots to draw the line.

Honestly? Peep the video. I wouldn't even describe this as imitating rough sex. Nope, survey says straight domestic violence. WTF is that Pum Pum dive at about 3:01?? I wish some negro would leap off a ladder and land on top of me... Shoot. Not for nothing, these hips ain't NEVER, EVER, EVER been built for that.

Like Elsa used to say, these kids are making my nerves bad. Sigh.

Jesus be a broken pelvis.


  1. Lawd a mercy! Just when I thought I had seen it all...