Monday, August 10, 2009

early casting call...

This is random as hell but is anyone besides me tired as hell of Jon and Kate Gosselin? I swear, watching these two of them battle out their messy breakup in the press feels very reminiscent of high school. You know when that loud, sloppy couple get into a screaming match and fall out in the middle of the cafeteria and NOBODY cares? I mean, not even the guidance counselors who were paid to get involved?

It's like first, Jon cried because Kate emasculated him. Then, Kate cries because Jon is sleeping with other women. Next, Jon will cry because Kate is going to take all the TV money in the divorce settlement and here's betting that Kate cries last when all 8 of them badass kids (who look exactly like their flat face Daddy) require MAJOR therapy and at least 4 end up on a reality rehab show with Britney Spear's sons.


  1. Flat face father...hahahahahaha. Whew that was a much needed laugh in the middle of this Mon. I'm banking on 1 of the twins and all three of boys will be in rehab. Especially the lil bad assed one that wears the glasses. And there will be at least two chunckie's out the group. One is already chunking up.

  2. Yeah, all I can think about is what's going to happen to those babies!