Friday, August 15, 2008

when it rains...

I'm trying my best to remain an upbeat, positive, optimistic person but what the HELL kinda weather are we having???? One minute it's sunny then it's freezing cold then its a freaking monsoon. It's too much. How am I suppossed to get work done if every time the sun shines, I have to bolt outside b/c I don't know how long it will be untill it returns? And then you wonder why I want to live somewhere that stays warm all year round. I need some stability dammit.
OMIGOD, today is Aug 15th!!! Can you believe it? The summer is about to be OVER. What the hell happened to all the cute parties and hot boys I was supossed to be meeting???? I still have a bunch of pretty party dresses hanging in my closet with tags on them. COME ON PEOPLE! Can somebody please invite me to a decent BBQ with a DJ that can really spin and some men that I haven't met before/ slept with one of my girls/ can congugate their verbs??? GOLLY.
But bigger than my inability to find a party worth wearing my new Christian Louboutins or meet anyone new worth a double take, the end of summer also signals my least favorite time of the year- wedding season. For the record, I'm already booked for two weddings in September and expecting another invitation any moment now. Every time I go to the mailbox, I get nervous. Am I the only single person that feels like she's going broke celebrating other people's love???
Not that I'm not thrilled for my peeps- Anne and Andy are so adorable I predicted nuptials the first time I met him and my homie Dana? Well, I'm not saying nothing till he gets actually gets down the aisle. Not that I don't think Tawana is the goods cause for putting up with him this long she really is... I just know my homeboy. But whatev, up to the online registries I go.


  1. Ha!! You are definitely not the only one... Preach!!

  2. that weather sounds like's no better here...

    btw, weddings suck; it is so not like Wedding Crashers.