Monday, August 11, 2008

r.i.p. issac hayes...

Okay, I read an article this morning on AOL detailing how advocate groups for the disabled called for a national boycott of the new movie, "Tropic Thunder," citing its negative portrayal of people with intellectual disabilities. Um for real?

Do people nothing better to do with their time than call for protests and rallies??? Shouldn't them be WORKING? Last time I checked, we were in a recession. They need to put some of that misdirected energy into some revenue producing venture. Not going hard against Ben Stillers's' writers for a tasteless movie that all of 15 pinktoe teenagers are going to see.

Honestly, folks have been cracking ignorant jokes about people's intellect since the very first "Lil' Lisa's Mama is a One-Legged Retard" snap back on the kindergarten playground! Need I remember you of Keenan Wayan's absolutely pitch perfect superhero, Handiman??? All this damn PC crap kills me. I know this sounds terrible, but if you're so concerned about how the disabled are gonna feel when they figure out what the joke means. Why don't YOU stop explaining it to them???? I'm just saying.

Here's the article:

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  1. It's by far the funniest movie I've seen in years. RD Jr. outdid himself.