Wednesday, August 6, 2008

so this is what it's come to...

You know how you have those friends that you only talk to about two times a year? You're not any less their friend for the lack of communication cause you just kinda always know they're okay? But if they do reach out, you know it's important? Well I received a very distressed email from one of my very good homegirls that falls in this category. The email read:
"Why they have to make her look like a white woman! I’m so pissed at this. She is barely recognizable. Come on. This is why I constantly tell my daughter and all her friends how beautiful they are EVERY CHANCE I GET!! When are people (Black & White) gonna stop standing for artificial nonsense like this. Beyonce should be ASHAMED of her damn self. I will no long support her endeavors if this is how she choices to portray herself. I’m gonna end my rant now because I’m getting madder!"
Okay before I say another word, you really need to understand is that my girl is like the ultimate Queen B fan. So for it to come to this... her little heart must be breaking. And to admit it publicly? Well lets just say it's time to convene the prayer circles. But you know what? She sure is dead right. This photo is just that crazy.
I mean no, Beyonce is not necessarily the same complexion as her half-sister Kelly (yeah, I said it) but shit, she surely ain't the same complexion as Angelina Jolie!! What in the world??? And I'm sorry but there's nothing that can convince me except the contract papaers themselves, that she doesn't have right of review on these shots. Seriously? this is what you're okay with Mrs. Carter? Boo.

Damn Beyonce w/ with her color-corrected self and don't forget to vote for my book!

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  1. I read about this the other day. It's super-disappointing, but it's nothing new! I wish people would stop acting like it's 'no big deal.' She's clearly going for that classic ambiguous / as close to white as possible look. It's an ad for Loreal, not Motions. They want this ad to appeal to white women FIRST. White women don't typically buy products that feature black women on them. Especially darker black women.

    (Pardon the rant. As you can see, this stuff works a nerve with me as well.)