Thursday, August 28, 2008

nic and eb making moms nervous...

We lost Ebony a.k.a Sweetie-Sweetie this morning. She had to hightail it back to Oakland to be ready for work on Saturday morning. Even though we've only spent four days together, I was really, really sad to see her go.
One of best things about going on vacation is meeting new people. No matter who you leave home with, there's always interaction with new and interesting and yes sometimes, scary strangers.
So far in the Vineyard I've had the pleasure of meeting the aforementioned Ebony, Samantha (another one of the USC girls), Jeff (Sam's husband), Big D (a 300lb Omega who's still rockin the purple t-shirt he pledged in back in the 80s), Big Al (a former gangbanger who loves to sing karaoke) and Jason (a hardcore I-talian with an eye for the curvy brown girls). Fun times I tell ya, fun times...

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