Monday, August 11, 2008

I feel like I lost an obnoxious uncle...

I can't believe Bernie Mac is dead. Like seriously, he was only 50 years old!! I don't want to put my Elsa's business out there like that but seeing his age made my nerves bad enough to call her constantly complaining of old age behind IMMEDIATELY.
To be frank, I still don't understand how someone with that much access to good healthcare dies of pnuemonia. It's like, go to the damn doctor negro! What is the problem? Can I tell you, when I'm rich and famous my behind is gonna be at the doctor for every damn thing! I'm taking if big toe starts to itch, I'm calling a professional toe expert to take a look.
This is such a tremendous loss for comedy. Not just Black comedy... B.Mac was hilarious all across the board. Do you remember the scene in FRIDAY when the midget chases him out of the house and throws a brick in his car window? Oh god, and what about the crazy character he played in LIFE? On the real, how accessible did he make OCEAN'S ELEVEN for the hood? Wasn't THE BERNIE MAC SHOW was the most realistic look at an African American family EVER. And just forget about his stand-up. KINGS OF COMEDY. Period.

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