Tuesday, August 5, 2008

every click counts...

I have super fantastic news!!!!!! My latest book, HOTLANTA has been nominated for an African American Literary Award for best children's book!! WOO HOO!!!!! Go Mitzi, it's ya birfday! Go Mitzi, get busy!! Go, Go, Go, GO!!! (Feel freel to insert mental image of me popping cheap champagne bottles, doing the running man while my co-author does one-handed cartwheels).

Needless to say, winning an award like this has the potential to be a VERY BIG DEAL!! So what we really, really need for you to do, is to log on, VOTE for our book and TELL someone that I don't already know. Like right now. Seriously.
So stop reading and click:


  1. Ok, I dont know you and you dont know me but I got your blog off another friend's blog and I often like to read yours bc you seem real than most! So just to let you know, I did vote for your book and I wish you the best of luck!!!! God Bless!!1]

  2. so i did just that!!! vote for your book!!! you've already won... ;)

  3. Congratulation Mitzi, you deserve all the success in the world.

    I voted for your book!!

  4. One-handed cartwheels?! Cheap champagne bottles? My God, you're an idiot! LOL!!! I actually envisioned us doing the Kid & Play dance from House Party--you know the one, with the kicks and the spins and the backward connecting ankles... 2Hype.

    But seriously? Vote for our book.

  5. Maya sent me the link to your blog. I love it and I've voted. I hope it's not too late. Good luck. x

  6. you are my idol!!
    i love you girl!
    im glad i got you in your divorce settlement!.lol