Tuesday, August 26, 2008

big ju takes it to the head...

Yippie, we made it! After much drama and confusion, I am finally in Martha's Vineyard for Nicole and Melissa's weeklong 30th birthday celebration. It's my first time in the Vineyard... so excited.
The gang of us spent the first day, lounging at the beach, drinking wine, junk food, watching Sex In The City and talking junk about different ways to say no thank you to fun times in the no-no hole.
Then the very next morning, Melissa's knucklehead boyfriend, Julius showed up for his three day cameo. Naturally, he brought the unique energy only an overly confident, good looking, college educated, former ball playing, single Black man with no kids and a good job can bring: no he won't stop talkin' shit; yes, he's knows everything and most importatnly, where's the McDonalds? Yeah, you heard me- Where's. The. McDonalds. Sigh.

Stay tuned for more updates of the ubsurd...

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