Thursday, June 24, 2010

those are some great shoes...

Whew! Good gracious it's hot outside!

*fans self like the fat ladies at Sunday service*

Now, I'm not complaining cause Lord knows I'll take a 90 degree day over the miserable winter cold every trip. Howsomever, this type of muggy heat seriously affects my ability to concentrate. Kinda like I have a heat induced ADD or some such nonsense... And the only thing I can think about is finding the nearest pool with a cute boys like Mechad Brooks popping up out the water.

Anyhoo, until my brain cools down , think I'm just gonna listen to music that makes me smile and keep trying to write something that makes sense.

Get into it.


  1. Now I want to find that pool too! LOL!

  2. Wow! I think looking at "Eggs" sizzle is the ONE thing that can distract me from shoes lol. Thanks for sharing... *turning on cold shower*

  3. I am just thankful for strawberry popsicles and margaritas.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate