Wednesday, June 9, 2010

lifetime supply of condoms, birth control & nicotine gum please...

OMG, today's video just broke my heart.

Like seriously, how do we live in a world where a grown ass man thinks turning his 18-month year old son onto cigarettes is not a big deal- 'cause the kid still looks healthy to him. Meanwhile, the wackass mother insists there is there's nothing she can do about the now 2 year-old's 40 cigarettes-a-day habit. SMH.

But wait on it, why does baby Artie know EXACTLY what he's doing!?! Talking about he will only smoke one brand. And if he can't get his cigarettes he throws a tantrum and bangs his head against the wall. What the hell?

BLANK STARE as visions of backhands and multiple ass whoopings dance through my brain.


And not to be funny but... who's paying for all them damn cigarettes? 'Cause last time according to the article in the NY Post, the father is a fishmonger (READ: glorified fisherman) and all ya'll are living in a damn hut somewhere out in rural Indonesia.


How's this for an idea? Instead of kicking out for Artie's cancer sticks maybe, just MAYBE they should slap a nicotine patch on his back and try using that money towards some t-shirts that fit the lil' fatty.

No offense.

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  1. Lol, how about we beat his butt and just tell him no. Then there is the little boy at the Philly's game drinking beer. Hot mess these parents are, no let's just call them legal guardians.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate