Wednesday, June 16, 2010

sunshine on a cloudy day...

Err-um, have you seen Jada on the cover of the new issue of Essence? Woah. Homegirl is H-O-T.

Even more fire is the 'Why I ♥ Being A Black Woman' feature.

Like seriously, what a breath of fresh air to see such a positive cover line on an already breathtaking cover! And guess what? The inspiring opener was written by my fabulous & prolific co-author Denene Millner. All I can say is: if there was ever a question, here is your answer.

I know there's a recession and all but take my word for it, it's worth the splurge. Purchase this month's issue of Essence. You will not regret it.

Another fantastic job 'Nene!


  1. Awwwww--thanks, sunshine! I had a blast writing it, and yes, Jada is SO fierce... this issue is definitely worth the splurge!
    Heart ya, lil' sis!

  2. Jada looks VERY skinny, but dope as always

  3. I guess Jada looks ok, lol. I loved the write up too.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate