Friday, June 18, 2010

bout to cop ron's new single & a bag of tht indian yaki...

Couple of things and then its back to grind:

1. Congrats to the LA Lakers! I am not and will never be a fan of Kobe Bryant but one monkey don't stop no show. Like it or not, when it mattered the entire team dug in and managed to turn that game around in the 23rd & 1/2 hour. And not for nothing, Phil Jackson is one of my favorite professional coaches. So here's to Phil and one particularly psychic Laker fan, ya'll made the magic happen last night. Le sigh.

2. Vanessa Bryant and the bedazzled mini-Kobes were a lot. Like seriously? I swear her and them lil' girls were down on center court faster than freaking security! Granted, we all know Mr. Bryant told her to have that ass front & center if/when they won but still... Can you relax and stop throwing cut-eye while that man celebrates with his teammates? Jeesh. (Lord knows, if the 1st Lady of the Lakers was African-American, folks would be calling her clingy ass all kinds of emasculating right about now. SMH. That good-good hair works wonders, I tell ya.)

3. Ron Artest is everything to me today. So proud of that man for giving props where it's due and shouting out his therapist!! I can only imagine how much craziness that poor woman had to wade through before she got his mind on the right track. DEAD FISH EYES. Say what you want but maybe if a more athletes and "high powered" men (um yes, I put that shit in quotes for a reason) would carry their macho asses to therapy, there'd be less drama and confusion poppin' off. Looks directly at Michael Vick, Kwame Kilpatrick, Plaxico Burress, Lil' Wayne, Lawrence Taylor, T.I., and every fool ass Black man with a lil' money and influence that's been in the headlines for some extra preventable bullshit.

4. THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT of the entire post:If Rajan Rondo is need of any type of extra-curricular hand-holding/ comforting between now and next season, puh-lease be sure to point that adorable knobby-kneed boy in my direction. Not now, but right now.



  1. Rondo gets Mad Love!! And Please keep calling out those "high-powered" men who need therapy! And thank you Ron for being the poster child for progress past prolonged puberty into manhood.

  2. LOL!!! you ain't NEVA lied about Vanessa! had she been a brown chick... I can only imagine the 50/11 b*tches she would have been called. Amazing how a pale face and wavy hair gets away with so much...

    as for Rondo... I LOVE me some him!!!

  3. @Ms. Hershey OMG, What you know about the '50/11 bitch' tag??? LOLOLOL! Too funny!