Monday, November 30, 2009

all aboard...

Now before I go in, I need to state that a good friend of mine is one of the new owner/ exec producer of Soul Train Holdings, LLC. And I am very, very very proud of how far the show has come since the last time it aired. And considering that aside from the BET Awards, this is the only televised award show dedicated to "our" music, it's important to support and encourage. Howsomeva...
Homeboy or not, there are a couple of things that I'm confused about:

- Was Fonzworth Bentley the most uninteresting red carpet host ever? No, forreal. The very sound of his voice was making my eyes roll back in my head.
- Please tell me my eyes were deceiving me but was the audience seated on FOLDING CHAIRS?
- When did Keith Sweat turn a thousand?!?!? That negro looked like the crypt keeper up on the stage.
- Didn't Keri Hilson reading her thank-you list off of a bedazzled BB seem a bit much? I know, I know, she was probably still flustered from getting her grind on with the unbelievably sexy (and prob gay) background dancer but still...
- What was up with the return of the Hi-Tek and Timbaland boots? Mario, Raheem DeVaugn, Sean Garrett? Really? Are we bringing back to the 90s R&B thug look like that?
- Speaking of inappropriate throwbacks, why in the hell was K-Ci doing the stanky leg during the Charlie Wilson tribute?? Boo.
-Why does Terrance Howard STAY trying to sing to somebody? I'ma need him to focus less on his acoustic guitar career and more on not getting released from mega-blockbuster franchises.
- Which was worse, Robin Thicke's porn-stache or those hot ass lookin' leather pants?
- How funny was it when Chaka snatched the mic during her own tribute? Like, listen Angie I appreciate you trying and all but lemme show you how its really done.
- Is it really considered an awards show if you only give out 4 awards?
- Why was everyone from Toni to Taraji open-mouth kissing like herpes/ H1N1/ HIV ain't real? Uugh, so disgusting.

Okay, okay, that's all the flashbacks I can deal with on an empty stomach. Again, very proud of the award show itself as for the performances, eh not so much. But at least with time (and a bigger budget), that can be improved.

Fingers crossed.


  1. Lol! This show was a hot mess and will probably be the last time i'll watch it (until next yr...i should never make statements like this, but dang)

    Dear Terrence Howard: quit singing. NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR THAT ISH!

    The "tributes" were challenging at best...but at least no one felll...ahem...
    not sure what all the kissing was about. ALL the hosts of the red carpet were horrific. Chaka should have been on that stage the whoel time doing her own tribute (though Fantasia's secreaming self was cool i guess). for all the tributes, the actual folks should have been up there singing because the tributes were damn near disrepectful. is this a tribuyte a roast. we gots to do better people.
    and they call that a michael jackson tribute????SMH!!!

  2. **Flatlined**

    My sentiments exactly, although you put it much more eloquently than I could ever have done. Hysterical (and sadly, so accurate) post!