Thursday, November 19, 2009

taking this show on the road...

Good God, I'm tired.

Like, seriously I haven't gotten a good night's rest in weeks. I have trouble falling asleep and keep waking up every couple of hours for no good reason... I woke up the other morning and not only were there bags under my eyes but PURPLE bags. Boo. I love my life but Mama needs better pillows, less environmental stimulation (read: all that damn late night construction outside of my window) and a timeout ASAP.

So I'm taking off for the next couple of days off...

Gonna go chase the sun and find a little breathing room on a nice white sand beach. I'll be back on Tuesday. Have a wonderful weekend party people.



    Nominated you for Kreative Blogger Award! Enjoy your vacay!

  2. I understand exactly what you are going through. A change of scenery will do you good Mitzi. Happy Travels