Tuesday, November 3, 2009

feel it in the air...

WOW, so now actor Nicholas Cage is broke too? Damn homie, didn't you make over $40 million in one year? SMH. I don't know party people, seems to me like this recession is kicking every damn body's arse nowadays. Poor thang.

Speaking of poor thangs... What about Wendy William's former sidekick turn solo morning show radio personality Charlamagne getting fired 'cause he allowed Beanie Sigel to air Jay-Z out?? Woah. Lemme find out Sean Carter can't take a little criticism. Not for nothing Mr. Knowles, with all the other stuff going on in your life, you really shouldn't be so thin-skinned. And if you ain't bother sending ya mans/ former BFF a measly nickel or even a single word of encouragement when he was on lockdown, so be it. That's just who you are. Claim it and move on.

Oh and here's the million dollar question of the day: Does anyone really, really think we're going to get anything interesting out of Rih-Rih when she sits down with Diane on GMA? Or even 20/20?


  1. ugh on Rih Rih--i have had just about enough of this silly girl

    Nic Cage--really? how dumb can you be to let that $$ slide like that? dumb move, bruh

    Jiggaman--i thought i knew you better than this...

  2. how about nick cage got 5 homes in the us and had a castle overseas. reckless spending much? he broke cause he thought the bank was endless....

  3. tired of Ri-Ri's street catwalking ass... straight throwing Chris under the bus, when she know they were both beating that ass!