Monday, November 9, 2009

straight train wreck...

Oh JESUS, what in the holy hell happened to Sammy Sosa???

In my humble estimation- The former 'roided out Chicago ballplayer showed up on the Latin Grammy red carpet looking like someone took a potato peeler to his epidermis and left this grotesque living human carcass behind. Talking about, he recently underwent a skin rejuvenation procedure... Yeah, right.

If you believe that crock of crap, I've got a luxury condo on the corner of crack and murder that I want to sell you for the low, low price of $1,000,000,000,000.

But seriously, beyond this obvious attempt to morph into a bloated Marc Anthony, can someone, ANYONE please explain the throwback 'hazel green' contacts or greasy wave nuevo? Lookin' like a cross between Lil' Kim's long-lost brother and P. Diddy circa 1993... *Dead Fish Eyes*

It's so tragic when folks clearly hate themselves.


  1. Yeah I saw this pic last week. Isn't it so sad. Obviously bleaching his skin something tuff... and straightening his hair, and the eyes... So sad how people just want to be anything but black!

  2. lol, omg you said it sista. i'd just like to add: why? oh why Sammy did you do this? hot mess

  3. *rubbing temples and shaking head*
    i don't understand why people do these things to THAT looks better!!!

  4. I pray he doesn't get as "light" as Michael Jackson, that's scary!!!

  5. Saddest part? He thought he looked good and probably thought others would think so too. Saddest part/part II? A lot of other misguided souls think he looks just great.

  6. to what you wrote, though i see what you see, digging beneath the skin, and behind the eyes, what i feel/see/understand is the torment of this person who really doesn't love himself. a self loathing (looking at the man in the mirror syndrome as suggested by the comment you made regaring mj's transformation). however to what end does one feel the need to go to make comments about someone. what is the value of pointing out their choice making or goal getting, how is it possible to know what makes some one else tick and further what is the value of finger pointing? in my opin, the 'other' (the commentator) might want to look in the mirror, we all do what we do for our own reasons.
    an adage: when we point a finger at someone we point four fingers back at ourselves. enough said. peace and love.