Tuesday, September 8, 2009

when boiling point isn't hot enough...

Can you imagine living in an apartment that smelled so bad, people assumed there was a DEAD BODY inside???

According to the NYPost, the cops were originally called to an apartment complex in Long Island City for a domestic dispute but the noticeable stench and dead flies outside of one of the other apartments caught their attention. So after knocking on the door and getting no response, they reported a possible dead body in the apartment.

Later in the day, fire fighters showed up to bust down the door and recover the corpse. And that's when a very much alive tenant, Ming Li Sung surprised them by jumping out up from underneath piles of trash, and yelling "Get out! Get out!" *

But wait on it... Not only were police officers on the on the scene straight vomiting from the smell of rotting garbage but when they tried to remove the trash
AN ARMY OF ROACHES ran out into the hall!!! Please feel free to insert image of me running in circles, screaming my head off and scratching myself to death right about NOW.

You know, there are so many things wrong with this situation, I don't know where to begin...

First of all, how are you even able to breathe when the air is so stink that the flies are dying on the outside the apartment?? What you got, an extra pair of lungs?

Then all that jumping up out of the piles of garbage? No ma'am, this ain't some Jason-Woorhees-meets- Micheal-Myers-in-da-hood-esque movie. That fool is lucky one of those firefighters didn't split his head in two with a damn axe.

And the river of roaches flooding out of the apartment? Uh-uh... there ain't no way. If you want to live amongst the roaches and rats your ass is more than welcome to hit the streets. Do NOT play yourself and move next door to me. Cause I am not the one. I would've been banging on that door night and day until your nasty ass did something about the tomfoolery.

Now please excuse me while I go take a scalding hot shower.


  1. EWA! Are you serious? OK, a man did it! A man did something evil to her!

  2. She was UNDERNEATH the trash??? And then it started raining roaches??? Flies dropping out the sky too???

    This might be worse than the streets! EWA!

  3. I am about to get on my hands and knees and scrub my floors AND walls down with bleach and some Fabuloso (you don't know nothing about that). I don't know how people live in filth! WHy haven't her neighbor's complained about her nasty apartment before?

    I feel bad for Ming Li's neighbors because I am sure the roaches from her apartment found a new home in THEIR apartment. NASTY!!