Friday, September 18, 2009

makin' it hot for real victims...

OMG, I was so blown when I heard that the Hostra chick who cried gang rape was straight up lying.  Like, who does that?? Um hello, this is 2009. If you want to get it poppin' with 5 boys in the bathroom at school dance then that's ya business.  Granted, you wouldn't be no friend of mine but still...  go 'head ma.

The whole situation is tragic.  Putting those boys and their families through the ringer b/c she didn't want her boyfriend to find out that she was a lil' fast ass? When all along homegirl was more than a willing participant in the amateur porn shenanigans. 

Not for nothing, if it was MY son that was accused of some random mess like this, I'd press criminal charges in the blink of an eye AND then sue the shit outta that loony tune. Of course, this is after I beat fire outta him for even being involved in some foolishness like running a train with four of his friends. Sigh. I. Can't.

Jesus be the camera phone that set them free.


  1. Clearly she's never heard of Tawanna Brawley

  2. Wha's even more amazing is how quickly this disappeared from the news...