Wednesday, September 2, 2009

it takes a village...

It's official, poor white trash is NOT handling the recession well. No ma'm, Not. At. All.

But wait on it... Apparently the 61-year old, Roger Stephens didn't know Sonya Mathews or her 2 year-old from NOWHERE.  As in, they were complete strangers up until the moment they turned down the same aisle. 

Then according to the news report, Roger warned her that "if she didn't quiet down the child, he would do it for her." And just like that, when the 'ole girl didn't do anything, he proceeded to slap the little girl not once but SEVERAL times across the face. Talking 'bout, "See I told you I would shut her up."  I. Am. Done.

Jesus be a fresh pair of Depends cause I swear I'm peeing on myself right now.

Now I admit... there have been many a day where I've fantasized (vividly) about smacking fire out of some unruly brat throwing a temper tantrum in a grocery store or public place of business.  Especially when it's clear that all the cerebral " we don't hit, we do time-outs" bullcrap some of these parents are using isn't worth the spit coming out of the kid's mouth and the lil' punk really just needs a swift backhand to cut the shit short. But these are my FANTASIES.  

Now homeboy right here? He is bananas.  

And more importantly, I'm just trying to envision what-in-the-petite-weakish-non-violent-hell this woman looks like or comes from. 'Cause not for nothing, I really wish a random old man would go hard with ANY of the women I know that have kids. SHEEEIT.  All I'm gonna say is, this right here is the reason for emergency bail money savings accounts.

Let the police sirens wail...


  1. Girl? The police would have arrived to find the Wal-Mart janitorial crew mopping that man up out the aisle. Ain't. No. Way. In. Hell. some man is going to slap fire out my child's mouth and live to tell about it. Doesn't Wal-Mart have a gun aisle?

  2. You know you would have to visit me on Rikers.
    NOTHING will make me lose it more than if a person even thinks they gonna hit my baby (So what shes 18). I be giving these damn 18 year olds chicks the side eye on the L train who look at her funny like "Who want what"! Don't even look at her.

  3. I wish he would .. I just wish he would ....It will be on an popping....V

  4. uhhh Idda been the one locked up and hedda been the one saying "hey there satan"

  5. Oh I would have been swifter than Taz pulling out the sock-of-locks I keep in my hobo bag!!!

    Long tube sock, 8 large locks! Let's.go!!!

  6. All we know is that this man definitely did not hit a little black baby or a little brown baby because if he did, this would be a story about how a white man died in a supermarket trying to discipline Tonya's or Maria's child.

  7. Hmmmm....I don't know how I feel about this one.

    I was in Target the other evening and this woman, a sista, allows her two daughters, sisters of course, to wrestle in the aisles. I'm walking with my items and BAM! like that I'm pushed to the floor along with my items because of their fuckery. Seriously, after reading this post, I wish I had the NERVE to do what this guy did.

  8. @Frantzie, I'm dieing! Almost choked laughing at your comment!