Monday, September 14, 2009

the carpet leads directly to a gym...

There's nothing like the morning after a music awards show; always so much drama and confusion to discuss. 

We should probably start with Kanye's outburst...  But honestly, there's so little to say.  If it wasn't before; it's now confirmed- dude has the social skills of a freaking 5 year-old. You appreciate him the most when you only have to deal with him for short periods of time.  Anything more and he becomes exhausting and in need of a good backhand. No offense. 

And I'm curious, what did you really think about the MJ tribute???  I mean, we ALWAYS love the dancers but real talk, weren't you hoping Janet would've done just a little bit more? I'm just saying. 

But then again, who had time to miss Miss Jackson with all of Lady Gaga's constant costume changes? Mmm-hmm, Ca-RAZY.  But quietly, I LOVED every moment of it it. Oh and puh-lease don't even front like, her performance of 'Paparazzi' wasn't one of the most memorable of the entire night (um, note to Kid Cudi?  I'm gonna need you to do a little better next time. Thank you very much.). 

I must say, after that 'Ava Maria' foolishness at the BET Awards, I was happy ya girl Bey pulled it together with the flawless performance of  'Single Ladies'. No to mention, how thoughtful inviting Taylor Swift back to the stage seemed (even if it was staged). 

All in all, I wasn't mad at the show. Nope, sure was not. Now the size of Alicia Keys' knees?  Err-um, that's another story. But I guess we can't have everything, right?


  1. Her knees are just plain ole fat. She's on the borderline of "thick" and fat. lol Beautiful girl though, but it's time to hit the gym.

  2. LOL @ the Alicia Keys comment (never thought of that before, but now that you mentioned it...)
    But you penned it right on-Kanye has the social skills of a 5 year old! He's such a brat! It's nto even your category!!! And for the record, I don't think Kanye won anything that not, right?! what a mess. Kudos for Bey for pulling it all together at the end. She won points from me for her classy move (and I ain't a Bey fan, so that's a big accomplishment)
    As for your girl Gaga, why is she famous? I mean her songs are catchy as hell but her videos and performances so over the top, like I'm left scratchign my head every time. What was with the blood? was that necessary?
    Last but certainly not lease, I HEART MS. JACKSON. she can do no wrong in my eyes, but i wish it would have lasted longer, like you noted...sigh. The dancers in the beginnign were DOPE!!!! i was on the edge of my seat watching that!!! BET, take note--THAT'S how you do a tribute...sigh...we gots to do better people.
    Oh one last word---what on earth was Kanye's girl wearing?????

  3. Please know that because of you Mitzi and the ppl who commented I've been told to "pipe down" twice cuz I'm over here hollaring!!!

    Kanye: Can't hold his liquor. This is exactly what guzzling Hen dog will do to you; belligerent outbursts and banned from the show. I bet they changed winners in all the categories he was in on purpose. I for one can't stand him, never could and will not buy or bootleg narry one of his cds.

    Lady Ga Ga: Makes me Gag Gag

    Bey:Performance was flawless but um that was a wee bit too much crotch popping for me. Trust I'd love to be like Bey in another life but I can't pop my crotch like that & my Daddy in the front row. But that is one helluva Brazillian wax.

  4. oh yeah I forgot:

    Janet: I was disappointed. I wanted more and thought it would be more. But from the "N !** What?" look she gave the audience I think she thinks she killed it.

    Fat knees Alicia...priceless..I can't take it!!

  5. Agree on most points, except BET. No fan AT ALL of BET programming, however, BET had the mis-fortune to salute our beloved Michael when we were all still in shock and didn't know WTH was happening! MTV had the fortune of distance and watching what to do and what not to do to perfect their tribute. Perhaps, if wise, BET will do a hell of an anniversary tribute that will make up for their shortcomings. Their main concern, clearly, would be to work on their overall programming.

  6. that's what Alicia keys gets! the homewrecker!!! I know Mashonda is someplace smiling...

  7. I thought Janet's moves were a little slow.

  8. fat knees. seriously? We criticize the media for putting too much pressure on women to be a size "2", then clown AK for something as silly as "fat knees". I'll bet she's still smaller than some of YOU. And if she isn't, SO THE HELL WHAT?! We embrace Jill Scott but we criticize Alicia's "fat knees"?

    I know most of us read the Essence article about black women tearing each other down, so stop it!! MEN are always saying how fine she is. Go ask 5-10 random Black guys if THEY think AK is "too thick".

    I'm not a "2" but I'm not a plus-sized sister either. I've always been curvy & my fiance' LOVES it. I bet most of ya'll are single & bitter and tearing down AK made you feel better. Ugh...

  9. @ Tai.J Ummmm... that was a lot. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. And if Southern_Lady happens to think AK's knees are fat, so be it.

    And pls remember, I'm not posting about what 5-10 random Black guys or even your fiance' (god bless his heart) think... I'm posting about MY thoughts. And I also happen to think that AKeys's knees look CRAZY in this photo. Period.

    So let's save the personal attacks for another blog, okay?

    But I appreciate your input and hope you'll continue reading.

  10. You're right. This is your blog & these are YOUR thoughts. I simply thought the 'comments' section was for readers to express THEIR opinions, even if they're different. Clearly, it's only cool to comment or express an opinion if it mirrors yours! SMH...

    I do enjoy your posts & will absolutely continue to read. In the future, I'll ease up on the personal attacks UNLESS they're echoing the personal attacks already being made. K?

  11. @TaiJ. You're a funny chick.

    I see I should've been more clear... You're entitled to say whatever you like and disagree with me as much as you want. Just spare everyone the unnecessary name calling of fellow readers. Not only is it not welcome, it detracts from the point of your arguement.

    TRANSLATION: You were all good up until the "bitter& single" sentence.

    Have a wonderful weekend...

  12. Right again, Miss Mitzi.

    I do apologize for the "bitter/single", REALLY. That was NOT cool. There isn't a damn thing wrong with being a single sister & it was equally as wrong to associate being single w/being bitter.

    I am a funny chick...looks like I'm in great company. Still adore your blog...You, too, have a wonderful weekend...