Friday, September 25, 2009

he's a fatty...

So I'm in the supermarket last night and I swear, every other person that passed me by was either pregnant or pushing a stroller.  It was the most bizarre thing.  And I don't know if it's the PMS or what but, I could not stop wishing oohing and awwing like a damn fool.  

You know that annoying girl who can't help but say how adorable every single baby in sight is?  Yeah, that was me. Sigh.

But then, I got online this morning and read an article about a woman in Indonesia who just gave birth to a 19-pound baby boy and I almost threw up in my mouth!  NINETEEN POUNDS??  I can't even lift a ten pound dumbbell without bitching and complaining and this lil' sumo wrestler came out of the womb weighing NINETEEN pounds?? 

Um, just what in the-made-for the-maury-show- hell is anyone supposed to do with that? 

Poor woman is prob gonna throw her back out just trying to carry him home from the hospital. And let's not talk about what it's going  to cost to properly feed that child. Uh-uh, no ma'am... 

Thank you NY Daily News, my biological clock is officially SHUT DOWN. 

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  1. Oh I just wanna kish him and squeeze and kish him again!