Thursday, September 24, 2009

folks got real problems...

Hmmm, am I the only person that doesn't feel bad for Plaxico Burress? And mind you, I mean to say I'm not feeling even a second worth of remorse for the guy. 

Think about it.

Not only was Plaxico stoopid enough to carry a dangerous firearm into a nightclub... This numskull tucks the piece into the waistband of his pants??  Like he's the outlaw in some sort of gangsta flick?  Are you serious right now?  And then you got the nerve to be jumping around the Latin Quarter, popping bottles? Aye dos mio...

Real talk? Plaxico put everyone that went out that night to have a good time in mortal danger because he "didn't feel safe."  Well shit, then stay your scary ass at home.  But definitely don't bring a gun- that you clearly don't know how to operate responsibly- into a crazy environment like a packed NYC club. Ever. 


  1. trust me, you're not the only one. I think he's being sent to prison because of his stupidity (which, when you think about it, lots of other folks can be charged with this as well).

  2. then this cat, told his lawyers to turn down a 2-3 months in jail plea...WTF was he thinking. Anyway say you on tina & toya and Denene on ATL Housewifes. Big ups.