Tuesday, March 16, 2010

temper tantrum is imminent...

Today's post is short... because I'm hungry. And to make matters worse, I have NO idea what I want to eat.

* sad little nephew face*

Don't act like this has never happened to you. And no, its not because I waited too long to attempt to prepare breakfast. I woke up knowing I was hungry and even walked into the kitchen. The problem is, I'm bored with breakfast food. I don't want eggs, pancakes, toast, bagels, hot/cold cereal, smoothies, yogurt or fruit. But I'm what? Hungry.

So what am I missing? Is there some amazing breakfast food that I have yet to experience? Seriously, what gives? What are YOU eating in the mornings? 'Cause this large cup of coffee is not cutting it and my Mr. Rogers's approved beautiful-day-in-the-neighborhood disposition is rapidly disappear with every letter typed.

The End.


  1. I know you said no eggs, but omeletes are great. I know you said no toast but french toast is awesome too, especially the original way or with orange marmalade and cream cheese. Frittatas and Strattas are delicious too.


  2. i would try to find a little french cafe, and a fruit filled crepe would good. or one filled with nutella, even better :-)

  3. Who says you have to have breakfast food in the morning? I've craved and consumed salads, veggies and hummus, soup and toast -- all
    in the morning. Sometimes I regret it a few hours later, sometimes I don't. Either way, I say variety is the spice of life -- or breakfast for that matter.